The Symphonic Poem “Genesis” Concert

Baruch Berliner is a remarkable person: he is not only a scientist, poet and composer, but also a religious Jewish philosopher. The symphonic poem “Genesis” and also the concerto for clarinet and orchestra “Jacob’s Dream” are performed by Julian Milkis, one of the world’s leading clarinetists, in the Chapel this evening.

The conductor is Mikhail Kirchhoff, the principal conductor of the Moscow Youth Symphony Orchestra.

The narrator is Andrey Tsvetkov-Tolbin, the soloist of the Moscow State Academic Chamber Musical Theatre.

Baruch Berliner speaks three languages to the world (Hebrew, German and English), and in his compositions he thinks about good and evil, the union with God and man, the basics of life choice, using musical and biblical symbolism. The symphonic poem “Genesis” is a seven-part cosmogony based on the texts of the Torah, which tells about the stages of the Divine Providence and the world order. Emotionally presented by the narrator, the pictures of the creation of Adam and Eve, their Fall, the tragedy of Abel and Cain, the Flood acquire their own unique meaning in the performance of the orchestra. Berliner’s music attracts with generous melody and modern musical language, in which there is no ostentatious complexity.