For the First Time at the VIVACELLO Festival: Music by Israeli Composer Baruch Berliner

Baruch Berliner is a true renaissance man. He is not only a composer, but also a mathematician, physicist, writer and philosopher. His cello concerto “Jacob’s Dream” is part of a major international project “Genesis” that connects music and faith.

First, the composer embodied the plot of Jacob, who in a dream saw a stairway to heaven and the Lord himself, in a symphonic poem, and then reworked it into a cello concerto. The premiere of the concert took place in 2018 in Petrozavodsk, where Sergey Antonov performed as a soloist – this work is dedicated to him. Following a request from the musician, the author added a solo cello cadenza and called it “The Prayer”.

Boris Andrianov took the baton next: he performed “Jacob’s Dream” in Tashkent, Almaty, Tver, Voronezh, and now he will present his interpretation to Moscow music lovers. According to Baruch Berliner, Boris “with great skill, very accurately conveys the nature of the work, and the “The Prayer” in his performance ascends directly to heaven …”.

We are waiting for you at the concert on November 23 at the Zaryady Concert Hall.

Source: Vivacello VK