“Genesis” by Baruch Berliner – premiere atthe Tinkoff Arena!

On November 27, 2021, a fantastic premiere of the symphonic poem “Genesis” by Israeli composer Baruch Berliner took place at the Tinkoff Arena Concert and Sports Complex.

The spectacular performance brought together lovers of worthy music, designed to bring people back to eternal values, under the dome of the Tinkoff Arena concert complex. According to the composer, the motif of the work is as follows: God gave man the opportunity to choose between good and evil, and our task is to make the right choice. As a truly religious person, he could not help but turn to the biblical theme, thereby bringing together the two most important things in his life – music and the Bible. A symphonic poem is a large orchestral work based on a single theme.

Moscow Youth Symphony Orchestra
Artistic director:Valery Vorona
Conductor: Mikhail Kirchhoff
Producer: Nachum Slutzker (Israel)
Narrator: Alexander Nikolaenko
Organizers of the event: ANO “Institute of Cultural and Humanitarian Projects”
Project partners: Healthy Nation Fund, ANO “To Our Heroes”

Source: ippolitovka.ru