Graf with a violin of the 17th century performed “GENESIS” in Khabarovsk

The concert of the Honored Artist of Russia Graf Murzha took place in the regional Philharmonic Society.In Khabarovsk, for the first time, he performed the works of outstanding composers of our time.The violin of the 17th century by the Milanese master Giovanni Battista Grancino was in the hands of the maestro.

In the voice of the violin of the 17th century by the Milanese master Giovanni Battista Grancino, all shades of moods and feelings are heard.

Graf is the real name of the musician.He says that his father thought it was a good name for an eighth generation violinist.

GrafMurzhais one of the very few who dared to play all 24 Сaprices of Niccolò Paganini in a row in one concert. He brought to Khabarovsk the works of famous contemporary composers.”Jacob’s Dream” from the symphonic poem “GENESIS” by Baruch Berliner was performed in the regional capital for the first time. At the rehearsal, there was even a dispute about how to present it – in a religious or secular manner.

– Well, I mean, here, listen, it’s playing. It’s like ahint at the church.

For the new artistic director of the Far-Eastern Symphony Orchestra Anton Shnitkin, this is one of the first concerts in Khabarovsk. The new principal conductor, chosen according to the results of the competition, is satisfied with the joint work.

Anton Shnitkin, Artistic Director of the Far-Eastern Symphony Orchestra: “I am very happy that the musicians are very responsiveandfollow me with great enthusiasm. We really work together for a common end – I get the feeling”.

GrafMurzha also believes that he was lucky with the Khabarovsk musicians.

Graf Murzha, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, Moscow: “Wonderful orchestra, absolutely brilliant conductor. I met him today for the first time. Anton Shnitkin is an absolutely brilliant conductor, I really hope that he will work closely with the orchestra because he won the competition that was announced for the post of principal conductor –a very worthy!”

The next significant event in the regional Philharmonic Societyis expected in early November. “Night of the Arts” will be organized therefor the first time, and the organ music will also be performed.

Source: Network publication “Smotrim”