Orchestra of Pavel Gershtein and GITIS graduates performed “GENESIS”

Kostroma witnessed an event that was stunning in its scale and level – the show “GENESIS” was performed with great success in the House of Music.

The “GENESIS” project was based on the events of the first chapters of the Old Testament: the love and sin of Adam and Eve, the friendship and enmity of Abel and Cain, the doubts and courage of Noah, the flood consuming the earth, and the hope that love will still win in the world.

The music for the project, which has already been shown in 31 countries around the world, was written by Israeli composer Baruch Berliner, a student of musician and teacher Nachum Slutzker, who became not only the composer’s like-minded person, but also the producer of his projects.

From the stage of the Kostroma House of Music, Nachum Slutzker said that the orchestral work “GENESIS” by Berliner, co-authored with the Russian composer Eugeniy Atsapkin, was transformed into the format of a symphonic rock show. Pavel Gerstein and his symphony orchestra, as well as graduates and students of the musical theater and scenography departments of GITIS, boldly took on the production in Kostroma. The production and performing team included Vladimir Bilyk, Ekaterina Korobova, Roman Terentyev and Egor Chervyakov, graduates of the Workshop of Alexander Titel and Igor Yasulovich; costume designer Anna Zudina, a graduate of the Workshop of Ekaterina Ustinova; as well as Ruslan Ofrin, a student of the Workshop of Georgy Isaakyan.
Congratulations on the premiere!

Source: gitis.net