Results 2022

Dear friends!

So the year of 2022 comes to an end.

The end of the year turned out to be eventful: only in December there were 3 premiere performances of the ballet “Genesis” in Kyrgyzstan, concerto for cello and orchestra “Jacob’s Dream” was performed three times in the Czech Republic with the same full house and a storm of applause, and a magnificent concerto for violin and orchestra “Jacob’s Dream” with the participation of the wonderful violinist Gaik Kazazian closed the year in Kaliningrad!

This year under the direction of the tireless producer Nachum Slutzker, we held 21 concerts of our project in different countries of the world, including taking part in such festivals as the “Music Festival of Composers of the 20th Century” (Almaty, Kazakhstan), the 9thInternational “Kogan-Festival ” (Yaroslavl, Russia), the 14thfestival of cello music “Vivacello”(Moscow, Russia), opened the 4th All-Russian Music Competition in Kazan (Tatarstan), performedseveral world premieres, launched our project website and even published a book!

The total number of spectators at our concerts was almost 20,000 people, and the number of views on our YouTube channel was close to 3,000,000this year!

At the beginning of the year, the Israeli publishing house “Beit Nelly Media” published a book by the famous musicologist Maria Plazinskaya “Symphonic Poem “Genesis”by Baruch Berliner
in the Context of Biblical Themesin the World Art”.

In this book, the author gives an overview of the embodiment of the theme of the creation of the world in painting, ballet, music and literature, and also analyzes the Symphonic Poem of Baruch Berliner, touching on issues ofsynthesis of arts and program music, as well as the history of the development of the symphonic poem genre.

In February, the project website was launched. This is a large information portal created by our team’s designer and photographer Anastasia Atsapkina. You can find information about the project on it, its creators and participants, information about concerts, photos, videos and much more.

Concert activitywas very eventful and fruitfulin the outgoing year.

The Symphonic Poem for the narrator and the symphony orchestra “Genesis” was performed in Istanbul (Turkey), Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) and Voronezh (Russia).

On July 27, in Yantar Hall (Kaliningrad, Russia), the world premiere of the symphonic rock show “Genesis Rock Show” took place.

“Genesis Rock Show” is the development of the ideas of Baruch Berliner and Nachum Slutzker, a new interpretation of the well-known biblical story. This is a synthesis of the classical and sympho-rock version of Baruch Berliner’s “Genesis” and the songs by Eugeniy Atsapkin performed by vocalists, a rock band and a symphony orchestra under the brilliant direction of Mikhail Kirchhoff, combined with light show and video art.

On December 4, 6 and 7, the world premiere of the ballet “Genesis” took place at the Kyrgyz National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater named after A. Maldybaev, Bishkek to the music of the symphonic poem of the same name.

The choreographer was the Mariinsky Theater choreographer Dmitry Pimonov; the author of the libretto was Olga Kuznetsova, a research fellow at the Institute of Russian Literature (The Pushkin House) of the Russian Academy of Sciences; the principal conductor of the ballet was Mikhail Kirchhoff; and the project manager was Eugeniy Atsapkin.

The ballet was complemented by spectacular 3D video art, as well as costumes by artist Tatyana Astakhova.

Another premiere was a concert of tango music by composer Baruch Berliner and producer Nachum Slutzker in Kishinev (Moldova) accompanied by show ballet.

This year, the concerto for cello and orchestra “Jacob’s Dream” was performed by such famous cellists as Boris Andrianov (Russia) in Moscow and Tver, as well as Emil Rovner (Germany) in the Czech Republic.

Concerts in the Czech Philharmonic in Pardubiceperformed by Rovner were held for three days in a row with the same full house!

The concerto for violin and orchestra “Jacob’s Dream” was performed by the outstanding violinist, Honored Artist of Russia Graf Murzhain Almaty (Kazakhstan), Kazan, Khabarovsk, Yaroslavl and Kurgan (Russia).

Performed by the excellent violinist Gaik Kazazian this work was successfully presented to the public in Kaliningrad (Russia).

The concerto for clarinet and orchestra “Jacob’s Dream” was performed in Kaliningrad (Russia) with the participation of the famous clarinetist Nikita Vaganov, and also performed in Bacau (Romania) by the excellent clarinetist Sergiu Musat.

We are entering the new year with more grandiose plans and will delight you with new concerts and exciting premieres!

We wish you a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

With love, Baruch Berliner, Naсhum Slutzker and the Baruch Berliner’s GENESIS International Project team.