Results of 2023

The year 2023 is coming to an end – a difficult and at the same time very eventful and fruitful year.

This year we have held 48 concerts around the world, more than twice the number of concerts we did last year.

Berliner’s works have been performed at major festivals and concert venues in Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Portugal, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Italy, South Korea, France, Croatia, Estonia and Belarus.
The total number of spectators at these concerts was about 40,000 people.

5 recordings of Baruch Berliner’s music concerts and countless concert videos were released on digital platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.) and on our YouTube channel.

The video of Baruch Berliner’s YouTube channel was watched by over 1,400,000 people in 2023, and the total number of views exceeded 4,400,000.

Our website has been visited by about 5,000 unique users. Website traffic has quadrupled in comparison with last year. The site has been translated into Spanish and is now available in 4 languages.

The Genesis ballet went on tour with the troupe of the Kyrgyz National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet named after A. Maldybaev in the spring, took part in the Volga Opera Festival of the Chuvash Opera and Ballet Theater, and was also shown in Yekaterinburg, Kazan and Moscow.

The Symphonic Poem Genesis was recorded by the leading and oldest orchestra in Russia – the Moscow State Academic Symphony Orchestra (MSAO).


This year was rich in premieres. The following works saw the light of day:

1. Fantasia Concertante

Is a concerto for piano and orchestra based on the Symphonic Poem “Genesis”. The concerto was created in collaboration with the talented composer Andrei Pospelov and performed by the brilliant pianist Philipp Kopachevsky, accompanied by the Voronezh Orchestra and conducted by Mikhail Kirchhoff.

2. Sonata Fantasia

Is a work for violin and piano based on the cello concerto “Jacob’s Dream”, wonderfully performed by the Honored Artist of Russia, violinist Graf Murzha and pianist Pavel Dombrovsky.

3. El Maleh Rachamim

is the soundtrack to the film “The Address on the Wall” about the tragedy in Babi Yar during World War II, written by Baruch Berliner, Nachum Slutzker and Sergey Krutsenko (RIP).

Over the year, many versions of this composition have appeared – for orchestra, for violin and piano, for choir, etc. The composition has been performed by many musicians and orchestras around the world, including a performance on the border of South and North Korea in memory of those killed in world conflicts.

4. Genesis Rock Show

Is a symphonic rock show staged by director Nikolai Perlukhin in Kaliningrad with the participation of the Genesis Orchestra conducted by Alexander Singer, actors of the SLOVO theater and actors of the Kaliningrad Regional Musical Theater.

In Kostroma, a version of Genesis Rock Show by Moscow director Vladimir Bilyk was shown with the participation of the Kostroma Provincial Symphony Orchestra conducted by Pavel Gernstein, the Gloria Choir, as well as Moscow artists. This theatrical version is a view from the other side at the well-known Old Testament story; this is a story about a father and children, and their sometimes difficult relationships. This is a human and humane story.



Our team published a photo book by the wonderful photographer Ilya Denbrov about the production and premiere of the ballet Genesis in Bishkek.

The excellent art expert Alexandra Makarevich wrote a book about the plot of “Jacob’s Dream” in painting specifically for our project. This is a fairly deep and serious work, telling about the Old Testament myth and the artists who created works on this topic.

The book is currently being prepared for publication and will be published next year.

Brochures about our company and projects were also published in two languages.

We congratulate all our partners and listeners on the upcoming New Year and wish you peace and prosperity.
We are entering the new year with even more ambitious plans and projects, and we promise to delight you with new interesting premieres and concerts.

With love, Baruch Berliner, Nachum Slutzker and the Baruch Berliner’s Genesis International Project team.