Symphonic Poem “Genesis” in Madeira!

On July 21, Genesis—Baruch Berliner’s symphonic poem for narrator and orchestra—will be performed at the Madeira Congress Center in Portugal. The poem is a seven-part cosmogonical journey accomplished through a unique and innovative synthesis of words, music, and video art. The composition follows the biblical story of the creation of the world. As Dr. Berliner notes, its central theme and philosophical premise is that everyone has an equal opportunity to choose between good and evil.
Each of the seven parts of the symphonic poem narrates events described in the Old Testament:

1) The Creation of the World;
2) Adam and Eve;
3) The Expulsion from Paradise;
4) Cain and Abel;
5) Noah;
6) The Flood;
7) The Token of the Covenant.

The musical part of the poem is complemented by impressive video art, specially created for Genesis by Israeli video designer and animator Yaron Shinn, also known as Jewboy.

The composition will be performed by Orquestra Classica Da Madeira under the baton of Luis Andrade.

Narrator:Pedro Araujo Santos
Producer: Nachum Slutzker

Time: 6:00 p.m.