Eugeniy Atsapkin

Eugeniy Atsapkin

Eugeniy Atsapkin is a co-author of the GENESIS ROCK SHOW program, the author of music and lyrics.

He has been collaborating with Israeli producer Naсhum Slutzker and composer Baruch Berliner since 2020.

Eugeniy is also the manager of Baruch Berliner’s Genesis International Project.

In addition, he is an Adviser to the General Director of the Kyrgyz National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater on international activities.

He is a guitarist and composer, one of the founders of the orchestra of the Kaliningrad Regional Musical Theatre in Russia.

He has a considerable musical background in the form of several albums of author’s music, participation in numerous festivals, concerts and theater performances both in Russia and abroad.
The musician directed the production of the symphonic rock show “GENESIS ROCK SHOW” in Kaliningrad and the ballet “Genesis” in the Kyrgyz National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet named after. A. Maldybaev in Bishkek. He is one of the organizers and technical director of the tour of the Kyrgyz National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet troupe in the cities of Russia in 2023.