Mikhail Kirchhoff

Mikhail Kirchhoff

Mikhail Kirchhoff is the conductor of Kaliningrad State Symphony Orchestra, principal conductor of Moscow Youth Symphony Orchester, the artistic director and principal conductor of the festival “Eurasian stars”.

Mikhail Kirchhoff was born in 1982 in Moscow.

He started his education in the Victor Popov Academy of Choral Art. In 2009 he graduated with honours from the Moscow State P.İ. Tchaikovsky Conservatory.

2010-2012 conductor in Istanbul State Opera
2012-2017 conductor in Samsun State Opera
2018-2020 main guest conductor of the State Symphony Orchestra “Academy of soloists” (Kazakhstan)
Performed with various orchestras in Russia, Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Latvia, Malta, Turkey, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kirgisistan, Belarusian UAE and many other’s, such as

  • İstanbul State Symphony Orchestra
  • Izmir State Symphony Orchestra
  • St. Petersburg Capella Symphony Orchestra
  • Roma Tre Symphony Orchestra
  • Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra
  • Bursa State Symphony Orchestra
  • Academic Symphony Orchestra of The Republic of Belarus
  • Bursa State Symphony Orchestra
  • Kazakh State Philharmonic Orchestra
  • National Symphony Orchestra of Uzbekistan

In Russian he performed with states orchestras of St. Petersburg, Moscow, Saratov, Barnaul, Chelyabinsk, Bryansk, Tambov, Astrakhan, Petrozavodsk and many others.

His collaboration with producer Nachum Slutzker and composer Baruch Berliner began in 2019 and continues to this day with great success. The reasons for this successful collaboration are obvious: the vast experience working with an infinite number of musicians and orchestras around the world!