Yaron Shin‪ a.k.a Jewboy‬

Yaron Shin‪ a.k.a Jewboy‬

Art Director, Designer (Print / Web / Motion), Illustrator, Animator & Artist working mainly for TV, Cinema and Culture

Head of Graphic Design & Animation department – The NB School of Design (WIZO) Israel

Member of ’Saloona’ Art Group

1999 1st degree: Visual Communication & Design, The NB School of Design Haifa Israel
2000 MA degree: Visual Communication & Media, HKU Utrechet, Holland

Currently working as Artistic Director, Designer & Animator for TV & Cinematic Projects like Documentary films & TV Series combined with Design & Animation – covering various prominent Israeli issues relate to culture, society and art.

His works presented in an international venues and exhibitions, books & design and art magazines.

Took part in an international projects around the world.