Symphonic Poem for narrator and orchestra “Genesis” by Israeli composer, mathematician, philosopher and writer Baruch Berliner and producer NachumSlutzker is a unique and innovative synthesis of word, music and video art.

The work is based on the biblical story of the creation of the world, the leitmotif and the main philosophical thought, according to the author, is an equal opportunity for each person to make a choice between good and evil.
The symphonic poem consists of 7 parts. Each part tells about the events described in the Old Testament:

1) The Creation of the world;
2) Adam and Eve;
3) The Expulsion from Paradise;
4) Cain and Abel;
5) Noah;
6) The Flood;
7) TheTokenofCovenant.

The secret of success of “Genesis”is the lovely, melodious way in which the symphonic poem is composed interlacing with neo-classical harmony.

Therich inner content of the Biblical texts that remain forever universal and actual are read by a narrator and interlace with the beautiful music that conveys to theaudienceimages and pictures of ancient scriptures through musical expression.

The combination of the Biblical texts with the music is completed by a spectacular videoart that was created by the Israeli video-designer and animator Yaron Shin (Jewboy), fits exactly the music and the texts and gives an answer to the question why the audience as well as the critics accept the Poem with enthusiasm.

“Genesis” exists in several formats, allowing the author to convey the message of the work as close as possible to different groups of people, taking into account their interests and tastes:

1. Symphonic Poem

Classical version of the work.

It is performed by a symphony orchestra and a narrator who reads the text in the language of the country in which the concert takes place.

2. Sympho-Rock Poem

It is performed by a symphony orchestra, a rock band and a narrator who reads the text in the language of the country in which the concert takes place.

The sympho-rock version of “Genesis” differs from the classical one by the presence of a rock band, which makes the sound of the work more powerful and modern.

Drums and a bass guitar create a strong basis, an electric guitar and keyboards bring additional sharpness and colour to the sound, skillfully weaving into the thin musical canvas of a classical orchestra.

3. Sympho-Rock Show

The sympho-rock show “Genesis” is the development of the ideas of Baruch Berliner and NachumSlutzker, a new reading of the well-known biblical text.

These are the best fragments of the classical and sympho-rock version of Baruch Berliner’s “Genesis” and the songs of EugeniyAtsapkin combined into one piece of music.

It is performed by a symphony orchestra, a rock band, vocalists and a narrator.

Vocalists, a rock band, a symphony orchestra, video art, lights and powerful sound deepen the impression of the grandiose work of Baruch Berliner, give it a voice and new colours, significantly expanding the audience and introducing people, who are far from classical music, to the work.

4. Ballet

The ballet is staged to the classical version of the Symphonic Poem and is accompanied by a symphony orchestra, a narrator and 3D video art.

The embodiment of the idea of the work in dance makes it possible to present the Symphonic Poem to a sophisticated audience, connoisseurs of the high art of choreography and to see the well-known biblical story told in the body language.

5. Fantasia Concertante

Concerto for piano and orchestra based on the Symphonic Poem “Genesis”.
The concerto was created in collaboration with the talented composer Andrei Pospelov.

Relevance of the work

Under the conditions of modern uncertainty and disunity, international conflicts and tense situations, people increasingly need a common point of contact and support.

The problem of choosing between good and evil, crime and punishment is an issue that our society faces every day, and the function of art, among many other things, is to help a person think about the correctness of his or her choice, about striving for the best, sublime and beautiful, about humanism, kindness and tolerance.

Art is a kind of therapy, especially in difficult life situations. Art is beyond borders – it unites people and nations regardless of language, skin colour, nationality and politics, and in this sense, “Genesis” fulfills the mission as widely as possible.

The classic version of “Genesis” has already been performed on the stages of 31 countries of the world – USA, Israel, Europe and Asia – the list is extensive and constantly updated with new countries.

The musical language of the work is universal, and the texts of the Old Testament and the values they carry are generally acceptedand common to humanity as a whole.

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