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We invite you to the world of “Genesis” – the world of beautiful music, classic biblical texts and amazing video art.

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Symphonic poem for narrator and orchestra “Genesis” by Israeli composer Baruch Berliner and producer Nachum Slutzker is a unique and innovative synthesis of word, music and video art.

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“Genesis” is a seven-part cosmogony of the Israeli composer, mathematician, philosopher and writer Baruch Berliner based on the texts of the Torah, which tells about the stages of the Divine Providence and the world order, reflecting the central events of the first chapters of the Book of Genesis

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Genesis Rock Show

The sympho-rock show “Genesis” is the development of the ideas of Baruch Berliner and Nachum Slutzker, a new reading of the well-known biblical text. These are the best fragments of the classical and sympho-rock version of Baruch Berliner’s “Genesis” and the songs of Eugeniy Atsapkin combined into one piece of music.

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Ballet «Genesis»

The embodiment of the idea of the work in dance makes it possible to present the Symphonic Poem to a sophisticated audience, connoisseurs of the high art of choreography and to see the well-known biblical story told in the body language.

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Jacob’s Dream

«Jacob’s Dream» is a cello concerto inspired by a famous biblical story. The image of Jacob, who in a dream saw a stairway to heaven and the Lord himself, promising good things to him and his offspring, was initiallyembodied in the symphonic poem of the same name by composer Baruch Berliner and producer Nachum Slutzker.

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About the project

The Israeli composer, Dr. Baruch Berliner, constitutes the heart of the "Genesis International Project". In his symphonic poem “Genesis” he is wondering about the essence of free will which is the result of the struggle between the good and evil inclination that God has implanted into the human being.

The Israeli producer Nachum Slutzker, who works with Baruch Berliner on this Project for 15 years, has already produced and spread the Project over 31 countries around the world: In the USA, Israel, Europe and Asia.

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About the project


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New Video – Baruch Berliner’s Genesis International Project (english version)

El Maleh Rachamim | Dmitry Yablonsky, Oxana Yablonskaya | Israel | 2024

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