“Genesis” is a seven-part cosmogony of the Israeli composer, mathematician, philosopher and writer Baruch Berliner based on the texts of the Torah, which tells about the stages of the Divine Providence and the world order, reflecting the central events of the first chapters of the Book of Genesis:
1) The Creation of the world;
2) Adam and Eve;
3) The Expulsion from Paradise;
4) Cain and Abel;
5) Noah;
6) The Flood;
7) The Token of Covenant.

The sympho-rock version of “Genesis” differs from the classical one by the presence of a rock band, which makes the sound of the work more powerful and modern.
Skillfully combined into one piece of music, drums and a bass guitar create a strong basis, an electric guitar and keyboards bring additional sharpness and colour to the sound.

“Genesis” was performed on the stages of many countries of the world: Israel, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, USA, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Estonia, Moldova and others – the list is extensive and is constantly expanding.


New Video – Baruch Berliner’s Genesis International Project (english version)

Dr. Baruch Berliner – “Genesis”, Symphorock version, The Israeli Chamber Orchestra, Premiere Concert

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