Genesis Rock Show

The sympho-rock show “Genesis” is the development of the ideas of Baruch Berliner and Nachum Slutzker, a new reading of the well-known biblical text. These are the best fragments of the classical and sympho-rock version of Baruch Berliner’s “Genesis” and the songs of Eugeniy Atsapkin combined into one piece of music.

The work, as well as the classical version, describes the events of the first chapters of the Old Testament:

1) The Creation of the world;
2) The Creation of Adam and Eve;
3) The Expulsion from Paradise;
4) Cain and Abel;
5) Noah;
6) The Flood;
7) The Token of Covenant.

Vocalists, a rock band, a symphony orchestra, video art, lights and powerful sound deepen the impression of the grandiose work of Baruch Berliner, give it a voice and new colors, significantly expanding the audience and introducing people, who are far from classical music, to the work.

The premiere of GENESIS ROCK SHOW took place as part of the Baruch Berliner’s GENESIS International Project on July 27, 2022 in Yantar Hall (Kaliningrad) with a full house.

Artists from the Kaliningrad Musical Theater and the Kaliningrad Symphony Orchestra under the baton of conductor Mikhail Kirchhoff took part in the premiere performance.

The premiere received excellent reviews from both critics and professional actors and musicians, as well as from ordinary audience.


New Video – Baruch Berliner’s Genesis International Project (english version)

Sympho-Rock Show Promo | Baruch Berliner & Eugeniy Atsapkin

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