Premiere of the oratorio “Abraham”

The oratorio Abraham, composed by Baruch Berliner and produced by Nachum Slutzker, premiered in Tallinn, Estonia in November 2002. Evgeny Levitas orchestrated the piece for a narrator, a mixed choir, an organ, and two grand pianos.

The oratorio follows the biblical story of Abraham, the forefather of the Jewish people, who demonstrated unwavering faith in God by agreeing to sacrifice to Him his son Isaac.

The premiere took place at the Tallinn Holy Spirit Church as part of the Credo international festival of sacred music, curated by artistic director Zoja Tumanova-Rodman.

The performance featured:
Conductor: Raul Talmar
K.O.O.R. Mixed Choir
Organist: Olga Opryshko
Piano Duo:
Maila Laidna
Tiiu Sisask
Shlomo Voskoboynik (Hebrew)
Kalle Vilbaste (Estonian)